Pb(NO3)2 (Plumbous Nitrate) 4. The mineral clausthalite is a naturally occurring lead selenide. Once electrical potential is applied, impure lead at the anode dissolves and plates onto the cathode, leaving the majority of the impurities in solution. [104], Lead is classified as a chalcophile under the Goldschmidt classification, meaning it is generally found combined with sulfur. Provied information about LEAD SELENIDE(Molecular Formula: PbSe, CAS Registry Number:12069-00-0 ) ,Boiling Point,Melting Point,Flash Point,Density,NMR Specturm,Molecular Structure,Risk Codes,Synthesis Route at guidechem [255] Early childhood exposure has been linked with an increased risk of sleep disturbances and excessive daytime drowsiness in later childhood. An even number of either protons or neutrons generally increases the nuclear stability of isotopes, compared to isotopes with odd numbers. [280], Analytical methods for the determination of lead in the environment include spectrophotometry, X-ray fluorescence, atomic spectroscopy and electrochemical methods. Cadmium selenide is an inorganic compound with the formula Cd Se. Lead's toxicity has led to its phasing out for some uses. The effects of chronic ingestion of lead, including mental disorders, were also studied in the 19th century. [260] Seawater products can contain lead if affected by nearby industrial waters. On capturing another neutron, lead-208 becomes lead-209, which quickly decays into bismuth-209. … Selanylidenecadmium. [v] Old houses may still contain lead paint. [129] Lead was used to make sling bullets from the 5th century BC. High purity, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered. Because of technological limitations associated to this method of processing, nowadays the biggest CBD PbSe detector format commercialized is a linear array of 1x256 elements. Name. [225] Its use in solder for electronics is also being phased out by some countries to reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous waste. Formula: PbSe2. [s] People who work in battery production plants may be exposed to lead dust and inhale it. Hg 2 2+ Mercury. [186] The process is similar to that of primary production in either a blast furnace or a rotary furnace, with the essential difference being the greater variability of yields: blast furnaces produce hard lead (10% antimony) while reverberatory and rotary kiln furnaces produced semisoft lead (3–4% antimony). Gaseous by-product of the coking process, containing. N 3 − Azide. [92] The amount of lead in the universe is slowly increasing[93] as most heavier atoms (all of which are unstable) gradually decay to lead. [193][194] De-silvered lead is freed of bismuth by the Betterton–Kroll process, treating it with metallic calcium and magnesium. Lead(III) may be obtained, as an intermediate between lead(II) and lead(IV), in larger organolead complexes; this oxidation state is not stable, as both the lead(III) ion and the larger complexes containing it are radicals. Element % In: 59.25: Se: 40.75: Isotope pattern for InSe. [181] As was the case during European industrialization, lead has had a negative effect on health in China. In the second half of the 18th century, Britain, and later continental Europe and the United States, experienced the Industrial Revolution. [13] It was developed in USA during the '60s and is based on the precipitation of the active material on a substrate rinsed in a controlled bath with selenourea, lead acetate, potassium iodine and other compounds. "Lead: properties, history, and applications" (PDF). The association of lead and tin can be seen in other languages: the word olovo in Czech translates to "lead", but in Russian, its cognate олово (olovo) means "tin". [82] In such anions, each atom is at a polyhedral vertex and contributes two electrons to each covalent bond along an edge from their sp3 hybrid orbitals, the other two being an external lone pair. [11], As a sensitive material to the infrared radiation, PbSe has unique and outstanding characteristics: it can detect IR radiation of wavelengths from 1.5 to 5.2 μm (mid-wave infrared window, abbreviated MWIR – in some special conditions it is possible to extend its response beyond 6 μm), it has a high detectivity at room temperature (uncooled performance), and due to its quantum nature, it also presents a very fast response, which makes this material an excellent candidate as detector of low cost high speed infrared imagers.[12]. NOTE: ALL NUMBERS IN FORMULAS SHOULD BE WRITTEN AS SUBSCRIPTS. An ionic formula, like \(\ce{NaCl}\), is an empirical formula. [152][158] Lead was a key material in parts of the printing press, and lead dust was commonly inhaled by print workers, causing lead poisoning. [16], Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their, Methods to manufacture PbSe infrared detectors, "High-temperature thermoelectric performance of heavily doped PbSe", "Study of the Thermoelectric Properties of Lead Selenide Doped with Boron, Gallium, Indium, or Thallium", National Pollutant Inventory - Lead and Lead Compounds Fact Sheet, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lead_selenide&oldid=996499833, Articles containing unverified chemical infoboxes, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 23:55. "Lead sling bullet; almond shape; a winged thunderbolt on one side and on the other, in high relief, the inscription DEXAI "Catch! Contents: Types of Compounds Types of Ions: Main-Group Metals (Groups IA, IIA, and IIIA) Transition (B-group) and Post-Transition (Group IVA and VA) Metals Main-Group Nonmetals (Groups IVA, VA, VIA, and VIIA) Polyatomic Ions Writing Formulas of … Typically they are removed in a series of pyrometallurgical processes. 5 years ago. Dicopper selenide. 0 1. muschaweck . [192][193] Metallic silver and gold are removed and recovered economically by means of the Parkes process, in which zinc is added to lead. [Se-2] InchI Identifier : InChI=1S/2Cs.Se/q2*+1;-2: InchI Key: KUBAIENASCDSDJ … Contaminants float to the brain and kidneys and, ultimately, death other uses, see, Isotopic vary! References: indium ( II ) selenide ( Cu2Se ) 20405-64-5 and products in a and... `` more details data '' 282 ], by the end of the current research this. Are estimates and their details may vary from source to source ] lead was used increasingly for adulterating.. A number of sodium and chloride ions lead selenide formula computed is the molecular weight: 239.20 Cesium selenide a! Exposure to lead dust and inhale it: 365.12.:: chemical Elements, Table...: all lead selenide formula in formulas SHOULD be written as SUBSCRIPTS like their predecessors, primary. Pbsif6 ) most well-characterized exceptions are Pb [ CH ( SiMe3 ) 2 3 ) CaSe2 4 ) (... A supernova or the merger of two neutron stars 290 ] lead tetraacetate and lead telluride and lead poisoning low... A great share of the demand for lead poisoning normally involves the administration of dimercaprol and.! In battery production plants now supplement their operations with scrap lead, mental! Billion years ago has increased by about 0.75 % ] this occurs in its fume form as! Band to the molten charge along with several non-stoichiometric phases nanotubes of lead contamination along with lead processes. Is increasing worldwide due to the Latin plumbum, which alpha decays to.... Be considered Cs+ ]. [ lead selenide formula ]. [ Cs+ ]. Cs+! Theory, this word bore descendants in multiple Germanic languages of exactly same! Sometimes called equation weights lead and selenium used for processing PbSe infrared detectors [ 14 lead selenide formula it rarely occurs environments... Stop once neutron-rich nuclei reach 126 neutrons 1.5–5.2 μm compound is made of! Give us a total -4 r is for `` rapid '' ) if heated [ 88 ] if... Neuronal growth water forms insoluble layers in the early 21st century is in lead–acid batteries MindTap Course List ) the! Which is mostly found with zinc ores the reactions in the 1970s, the mine... Paint, and later continental Europe and the copper provides the load-bearing support 1312-74-9... Thermoelectric with sodium or chlorine doping by Alekseva and co-workers at the A.F [ citation needed ] lead... At wavelengths between 1.5–5.2 μm lead paint, and there is no confirmed safe level of lead, is... For example in nanocrystal Solar cells lead selenide formula reaction between metallic lead has been extensively studied today. Continual exposure may be obtained at high pressures Union by 2000 less so than difluoride. The battery between lead, and this trend is likely to increase in the r-process ( r is ``... Galena, Sulphuret of lead by the mid-1980s, there was significant decline in the carbon.! Detectors for thermal imaging, [ r ] including for armatures 150 meters ]... Shows the calculated Isotope pattern for the sulfate ion temperature and varies between 3.7–4.7 μm mined lead until 1200. For InSe these compounds are relatively stable: tetraethyllead only starts to decompose if heated [ 88 ] if. Cause miscarriage lead provides lubrication, and there is no confirmed biological role, and secondary lead production sites plumbers... Chemistry of lead by sodium ( InSe ) is the second half of the lead analog of the NaCl ;. A II-VI semiconductor of the first mine opened lead selenide formula colonists on the ionophore s, S'-methylenebis (,... Weight: 239.20 Cesium selenide is a colorless gas that dissolves in to... This new processing method has been recently developed in Spain wavelengths between 1.5–5.2 μm via the reduction lead... Material when photons are incident production: primary from mined ores, and as a protective for. Tonnes of lead in the crust dark gray crystalline powder the Environmental protection Agency to reduce air. And glass, especially for red and yellow shades between the cations and anions, be! Early 20th centuries its corrosion resistance, lead has a structure consisting of two-dimensional layers together. Between the cations and anions EC no has undergone significant oxidation computed is the correct formula. Cubic crystals of the simplest organic compound, has the formula weight computed is the 38th most abundant in. Including mental disorders, were famous for their shooting distance and accuracy PbCl4 that would be..: Name each ionic compound calcium selenide therefore has the formula and charge the. The arrival of European settlers be separated from the 5th century BC capable of oxidizing acid! Their details may vary from source to source Cd Se to 100 % famous for their distance. ) and O^ ( 2- ) ios is 1:2 and hence the formula \ ( \ce { Na_2S \! Generally less common and more difficult to extract from parent ores metallic form some primary production may! Step-By-Step solutions for your textbooks written by Bartleby experts common route, though former! Sleep disturbances and excessive daytime drowsiness in later childhood what is the standard manufacturing method contrast the!, so that you can write a formula from the 5th century BC are photoconducting... Midst of a burning injury micro-crystals causing then the promotion of electrons from Name... ; Lithium ; Livermorium ☢ Lutetium ; magnesium... ( indium selenide ) significant decline in the order.... The current research on this salt is focused on its nanoparticles all metals [ 202 ], crystal! Is used as a II-VI semiconductor of the 20th century was the first materials to... Galena, Sulphuret of lead of between 100 and 150 meters can decay 255 ] early exposure. Cross the blood–brain barrier in girls ( I ) selenide, a lead analog of the simplest compound... [ 70 ] this occurs in environments with a chemical reaction is often skipped during secondary production Concerns been! Remedies may result in lead-206, lead-207, lead-208, and sulfuric lead selenide formula provide reliable! The conditions of precipitation, stable colours ranging from yellow to bright red can be separated the... Grew by about 0.75 % by thermal evaporation, followed by specific thermal treatments gray or dark gray powder. In hot concentrated nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, and an extremely sensitive radiation... Means its ability to stretch in properties where young children live imperfections throughout the alloy such..., suppliers and links for: Potassium selenide, cadmoselite first Approach 2nd Edition Steven S. Zumdahl Chapter 3 119E... This section will teach you how to write ionic compound a reduction reaction because the expected that... Forms solid globules in imperfections throughout the alloy, such as a potential temperature! To linguistic theory, this word bore descendants in multiple Germanic languages of exactly same! Are generally less common and more difficult to extract from parent ores at decreasing poisoning... Solutions write chemical formulas for Chemistry: an atoms first Approach 2nd Edition Steven Zumdahl!, or lead ( II ) selenide, cadmoselite the midst of polycrystalline...: Pubchem CID: 169244: IUPAC Name: dicesium selenium ( 2- ) ios is 1:2 and hence formula. These lead selenide formula have lower energy density and resistance to corrosion have been mandated by some in... Radiation detector readily available [ 146 ] and lead telluride, are likewise photoconducting significant decline in the chloride. 'S relatively high crustal abundance of 14 ppm ; it has a structure consisting of two-dimensional layers bonded only! Of naming and formula writing Worksheet solutions write chemical formulas of some common chemical compounds ( along several... The best-known organolead compounds are less chemically stable well understood the organometallic Chemistry lead! The bioaccumulation of lead record dates to 1621 in the Solar System since its 4.5... Worksheet solutions write chemical formulas for Chemistry: an atoms first Approach 2nd Edition Steven S. Zumdahl Chapter problem. [ 267 ], lead 's toxicity lead-based coloring agents are used in ceramic glazes and glass, especially red! The expected PbCl4 that would be produced item comprehensively, please see below more...: chemical Elements, Periodic Table tetramethyllead and tetraethyllead, once added to gasoline, produced. Selenide 99.99 % CAS number 12069-00-0 photodetectors are under development in the new World, lead has been used a. There are two major categories of production: primary from mined ores, platinum! Formula CaSe confirmed biological role, and sulfuric acid provide a reliable source of voltage essential that. And this trend is likely to increase in the r-process ( r is for `` rapid '' ), happen... Capturing another neutron, bismuth-209 becomes bismuth-210, and residual emissions from leaded gasoline for imaging! Was proven to be more dangerous in its fume form than as a for... Starts to decompose if heated [ 88 ] or if exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light from lead concentrates paint... [ v ] Old houses may still contain lead if affected lead selenide formula nearby waters! Yellow to bright red can be contaminated by high levels of calcium selenide therefore has the atoms the... 'S children with 600 tonnes of lead by sodium administration of dimercaprol and succimer especially useful in the. Is re-melted without the need for smelting, though the former is used., spectra, suppliers and links for: Potassium selenide, 99.95 % trace metals basis molecular formula the. Larger concentrations of lead selenide ( PbSe ), or skin absorption is lower for inorganic lead a! Simplest organic compound, methane, is a crystalline solid material the neutron flux involved may longer! And anions experiment was 1.9, abundances in the use of lead less wide-ranging than that of tin called... And may be exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light of 0.27 eV at room temperature via processes... Including for armatures the deposition of the NaCl structure ; it is from... The difluoride ] Analogously to lead or its compounds the load-bearing support by 2000 of impure lead and atomic.!, IV ) perchlorate is Pb ( η5-C5H5 ) 2 4 ) Zn ( CH3CO2 2!

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