Wildebeest vs Crocodile vs Hippo: A Tug of War Nick Kleer February 2, 2015 22 I am privileged enough to be one of the trainee rangers at Londolozi for 2015 – during this time I have seen some incredible sightings, but nothing could have prepared me … A crocodile wandered into the wrong pool. It makes sense, given the hippo’s highly aggressive nature, intimidating size and the insane bite force those massive bone-crushing jaws produce. No interest on the hippos side A crocodile can only kill a hippo calf or a very weak adult, nothing else. They also feature one of the strongest bite forces of any animal, approximately 5,000 pounds of bite force which is evenly distributed across all of the crocodiles teeth. Oh boy do we have a show for you! R1: Never seen these two fight before, I think this depends on Step right up folks! Gustaves usual modus operandi involves snatching people from the edges of the Rusizi River in Burundi, East Africa and leaving their corpses uneaten . The hippo can open its mouth to 150 degrees, and has a great bite force. Polar Bear VS Nile Crocodile - Nile Crocodile wins because again, they're stronger and the bears are too scared too kill a crocodile or an alligator. !http://integraldiscovery.blogspot.com/This is an awesome clip from the documentary "Capturing The Killer Croc" by PBS. 3 t vs 1 t would be freak vs freak than, I rather meant freak crocodile vs normal hippo. Hippos are the third largest land animal. Hippos(Hippopotamus amphibius) are massive. The hippo’s fame as a funny, intriguing critic is painfully beautiful as the most faux-urate baby in the animal world, but adults are, on average, highly territorial and highly anticipated. (02:41) It’s fight time for the Nile crocodile and the hippopotamus! Every dog lover out there can relate to the need to love on your favorite pooch. Hippo Mash Up A battle over territory comes to a head between “the beach master” and “the imposter.” (02:45) A Predator’s Ambush A crocodile secretly hides in the water before ambushing its prey. Crocodile vs. Hippo River Rumble Jon Alan $4.99 $4.99 Publisher Description It’s fight time for the Nile crocodile and the hippopotamus! Please rate and subscribe !!! I'm gonna give this one to the monster croc. Elephant vs Hippo Hippos are one of the deadliest animals on earth and account for more human fatalities than any other animal, not including disease carrying insects. An impala's desperate bid to escape a crocodile's jaws was doomed to failure when a hippo joined in the chase. Crocodile vs. Hippo River Rumble Jon Alan 1.0 • 1 Rating $3.99 $3.99 Publisher Description It’s fight time for the Nile crocodile and the hippopotamus! Normally a Hippo is untouchable by a regular-sized Crocodile, but a 7m individual looks to be just 1-2 deathrolls away from ripping a Hippo's throat out. Hippo vs. Earth’s Greatest Predators PLAYLIST by Roaring Earth Staff The hippo is Africa’s undisputed most dangerous land animal. I'm gonna give this one to the monster croc. So, they don’t even try. This pool in the Serengeti is aptly called “Hippo Pool” Hippos are very territorial, and the crocodile was an uninvited guest. A tiny dog famed for terrorising a large crocodile has been eaten by the reptile she tormented for over a decade. Just because a croc has killed a lot of people doesn’t mean it has any advantage. Hippopotamus VS Great White Shark in shallow water - Great White Shark wins Onlookers say that surprisingly, the crocodile survived. Crocodile vs Hippo - Wild Animals Fighting, Hippo, Rhino, Crocodile . Hippo vs Crocodile Crocodiles feature a mouth full of sharp teeth. There is no crocodile on earth that can kill a full grown bull hippo by itself. VS Crocodile is either time skip or not u decide Both can use all their abilities to the max they have their weakness in battle Croc rofl stomps. Watch: Impala Faces Crocodile, Hippo in Impossible Standoff After finding itself stranded on an island, an impala must choose between starving or racing a croc—and a hippo… The dramatic scene unfolded at South … One animal is The Toothy Tyrant, and the other animal is The Territorial Titan. They have no predators and coexist among equally fearsome animals like crocodiles, lions and hyenas. Since, Africa is the only place for a hippo and Crocodile kills dog 305 views1 year ago. Encounter between a Hippo vs Crocodile is interesting. The hippo. According to local legend, Gustave has killed more than 300 people during his several decade long career as a large crocodile. It would be somewhat of a close thing which is probably why they almost won’t clash head to head in the wildlife. In fact, the majority of cases where crocodiles have eaten hippos occurred when these hippos were already dead before the large reptiles entered the scene Welcome to Super Splash bros Brawl and today we have a battle between two titans of the water….and one from dry land… Today folks you will witness a three way battle of truly The reason crocs live together somewhat peaceably with hippos is because hippos don’t eat meat* and crocs usually understand it’s foolhardy to attempt to attack an adult hippo. Hippo Vs Crocodile Source(s): https://shrink.im/a85kq 0 0 Brian H Lv 4 1 decade ago There was a show on Animal Planet that addressed this. Read "Crocodile vs. Hippo River Rumble" by Jon Alan available from Rakuten Kobo. Despite its own powerful bite (which it deployed against the hippos to no avail,) this crocodile learned that even it was no match for Africa’s most dangerous mammal. Hippo vs Rhino fight- who will win? A male hippo can weigh up to 3,300–4,000 pounds, females up to 3,300 pounds.

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