]: To level up fast try joining Infinite Space Instance (Level 100+) Party Runs (join in my Zohan’s IS Levelling Party, I usually do levelling instance runs to help other players level up their chars). (. (Secondary stat for AS Rangers). Was there a change in the cooldown within the past few months, or was my hiatus just long? But if you need a decent boost of HP, since Ranger is very fragile, you've here a good option when you use it with Deep Sea King Dramoh Card. Damage (ATK) = [50 + STR × 8]%, Immobilize duration is based on this formula; 24. Has a chance of auto-casting Double Strafe while attacking with ranged weapon, A manteau from an archer guild known as Icarus. This is needed for Falcon related skills. A +4 with ranged dmg is also an okay cheap starting weapon if you rush levels first and worry about gears later. This skills has a base +30 Critical Rate. It is a mysterious medicine that helps increase the character’s attack speed for 30 minutes. At level 10 –ATK +40. Damage = ATK + (Trap_Research_Level × 40). ATK: 30, Silver Arrow – Holy Element Arrow, for Undead, Shadow or Demon Property Monsters. : Most of these consumables and items can be bought from NPCs, Vend Harbour Vendo Machine, Vend Harbour Market (at @go 16),or from other players. Divine Pride        www.divine-pride.net – A deep red colored cocktail containing wolf’s blood. Requires 1 Special Alloy Trap. Increase attack range and hit rate with bow class weapons. online forum and in-game player discussions, too many to mention – my thanks for all of your help guys. In case you need something "cheap" with a slot. I've always used a +6 Elven Bow + Arrows but just recently bought a +8 Big Crossbow. Consumes 10 arrows. At Level 5 – 1500% ATK, Duration 5 sec + Tooth of Wug Skill. – Highly nutritious jelly secreted from honeybees that they only feed to larvas and future queens. Has a chance to attack enemies with Wug Bite. 3. How do I get this? Due to that it can't be traded nor sold to other players. At Level 5 – Ranged Physical Damage +250%. We can only do this quest once, right? Damage is divided into 3 subhits so Status Def is only applied once and can lose up to 2 damage due to flooring. Excels at +11-12 where with other gears with similar effect (-% neutral dmg) lets you play a -100% neutral build. After all, it's not that hard to level to 100 anymore. [LimitRO Wiki – Arrow, Even with basic NPC Gears you can start farming Mavkas to get more zeny. The Auto Warg Crit (AWC) Build Ranger is the most suitable build that is up for the task. Every 3 LUK increases the Falcon auto attack chance by 1%. How do people get around with +7/+9 Autum Headband when there's a chance of breaking? An Arrow Storm build is typically the beginner build for any Ranger. Don't waste money on a +9, a +7 Illusion Armor A-type [1] with 1 Modification Module (Power) is almost the same price and it has space for future improvement. If your build benefits from critical damage, it can now be used along Violet Halo to give an extra boost. Auto-Warg Crit Build Ranger Gear Highlights: ASPD +2,  Increases damage of Arrow Storm by 50%,  Increases range attack damage by 30%. Also contain Type, Target, Range, sp/hp cost, skill requirement and everything you need to know about Arrow Storm. The card to get in this slot if you need Critical Damage. Can activate the following traps: Cluster Bomb, Blast Mine, Claymore Trap, Sandman, Talkie Box, Firing Trap, and Ice Bound Trap. I have +9 WW set...with enchants and +9AHB.. report. Embrace the spirit of the god of the hunt. Immediately activates traps on the ground. Be aware that for a Warg build you will be better with Lucky Day since it will increase your chances to activate auto-warg by ~67%. As you progress you can follow my recommendations or should there be new gears that would be introduced and you feel that they would be better then that’s also ok, you can send me pm and suggest it accordingly so I may include it on this guide. Your DEF and MDEF will both be set to 1 for the duration of this skill. Early levels if a player wants to play solo or with friends without great investment in gear, has 0.5 seconds of delay (this means that we need -72% delay reduction from gears/skills to be able to cast it 7 times per second at 193 ASPD), Has a base critical rate of +30 CRIT (This is always added to your attack, but does not show in the status window), a way to remove the fixed cast time such as, 193 ASPD and gears/bragi to reduce the delay to spam the skill at the maximum rate possible, balance increase ranged damage gears with increase critical damage gears (40% of a single one is inferior to an increase of 20% in both), high values of DEX/INT to get insta-cast or close (You need DEX*2 + INT = 530 to achieve insta-cast), Increases weapon damage by 0.5% of your base weapon attack (Melee Weapons). DEX +5, A small shield worn on the arm for additional defense. +Less auto … e. If you want to go Pure AS Build then just get AGI Stat to 20 (at least to help in animation delay) and VIT Stat to 1, max out both DEX and LUK Stat and get a mid-level Stat Point to STR Stat. . Ragnarok Online Ranger skill effect and description. Adds nothing on its own but can be enchanted with a bunch of different options making it a valuable item in some builds and even awakened for extra bonus with Violet Halo. While doing normal attacks there is a chance that your Falcon will attack the target on it's own. A Warg build is not the best nor the strongest build available but, according to many, is a fun build that gets the job done. Donation costume gear items for attaching. Ranger: Arrow Storm or Auto-Warg - posted in Archer Class: Hello everyone, Im new in the game and so I still have many doubts. Recover your HP and SP by consuming the HP and SP items from your Cons inventory tab. *Update! I guess people really do risk a lot by enchanting those stuff and then upgrading it after. ]: Best Pet So Far great ATK+ Boost (Base ATK+100). Decent armor at +7 until the player can afford the better option - Illusion Armor A-type [1]. III. It only excels at +7/+9 so always think first before spending your zenny and time on +0. Increase ATK to Animal, Plant and Fish type monsters and decrease damage from those monsters. It displays the beauty of an autumn forest for all to see. Consumes 10 arrows. Adds a 4% chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing a physical attack. – Meat of a Minor’s head. Thanks. – Endow your weapon with Holy property for 3 minutes. 100 total points (including bonuses) grants you immunity to Sleep and Bleeding status. Consumes 10 arrows. Type A2: Intermediate Farming Arrow Storm Build (Farming, Low-level MVPs). – Enables the user to detect any hidden enemies for 30 seconds. You can have same DPS like auto crit warg build. Getting the new game sprite for Ranger can be done by acquiring a Deluxe Ticket (Can be obtained using Event Points and exchange to the Events Genie NPC at Asgard. For most builds the best enchants are Expert Archer 5 and Hawk Eye since Hawk Eye pretty much doubles your damage and Expert Archer complements most bow builds. I suggest that you use the Accessory Sound Amplifier [1] to help you reach it. I already have 10 rangers in my account at max level. 1- why such high luck stat if pure AS build? 100 points total (including bonuses) grants you immunity to Silence status. Headgear Top: +4 Rideword Hat [1] (HP/SP Leech), Armour:  +4 White Wing Suite [1] (Stat Enchants), Left/Right Hand:  +6 Thanatos Bow (Damage Enchants) (HP/SP Leech), Garment:  +4 White Wing Manteau [0] (Stat Enchants), Footgear:  +4 White Wing Boots [1] (Stat Enchants), Accessory 1: White Wing Brooch [0] (Stat Enchants), Accessory 2: Sound Amplifier [1] (VCT Reduction), Tier 1:   Phen Card (Uninterrupted Casting), Tier 1:   Stem Worm Card (Farm Box of Storms from Brute Monsters), Tier 1:   Wraith Card (Farm Giggling Box from Undead Monsters), Tier 1:   Cloud Hermit Card (Farm Box of Gloom from Plant Monsters), Tier 1:   Gargoyle Card (Farm Box of Thunder from Insect Monsters), Tier 1:   Jing Guai Card (Farm Box of Sunlight from Angel Monsters), Tier 1:   Orc Archer Card (Farm Box of Panting from Demi-Human Monster), Tier 1:   Raydric Archer Card (Farm Box of Resentment from Demon Monster), Tier 1:   Sleeper Card (Box of Drowsiness from Fish Monster), Tier 1:   Sage Worm  Card (Farm Gemstones), Tier 1:   Plasma Card (Farm Resist Potions), Tier 1:   Creamy Card (Teleportation Skill), Type B: Intermediate Arrow Storm Build (MVP/PVE), Intermediate Arrow Storm Build Gear Setup (Higher upgrade and enchants the better), Headgear Top: +9 Autumn Headband [1] (Damage), Headgear Low: Father’s White Moustache (Damage), Armour:  +9 White Wing Suite [1] (EA/Sharp/Crit/Stat Enchants) (Damage), Left/Right Hand:  +9 Great Big Crossbow [1]  (EA/Sharp/Stat Enchants) (AS Damage), Garment:  +9 White Wing Manteau (FS/Atk+%/Stat Enchants) (Damage), Footgear:  +9 White Wing Boots [1] (Sharp/Stat Enchants) (Damage), Accessory 1: White Wing Brooch [0] (Stat Enchants) (Damage), Marine Sphere Card (Damage, Magnum Break), End-Game Gear Setup (Higher upgrade and enchants the better), Headgear Low: Golden Fish/Spiked Scarf (Damage), Armour:  +16 White Wing Suite [1] (EA3 EA3 EA5 Enchants) (Damage), Left/Right Hand:  +16 Great Big Crossbow [1]  (EA3 EA3 Enchants) (Damage), Garment:  +9 White Wing Manteau (FS3 FS4 FS6 or Atk+3% Atk+3% FS6 Enchants) (Damage), Footgear:  +16 White Wing Boots [1] (Sharp1 Sharp2 Sharp3 / DEX +1 DEX +1 DEX +2 Enchants) (Damage), Accessory 1: White Wing Brooch [0] (DEX+1 DEX+1 Enchants) (Damage), Accessory 2A: Sarah Earring [1] , (EA3 EA3 Enchants) (Damage), Accessory 2B: Pendant of Maelstrom [1] (Damage), Equipment/Gear and Cards List: Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build. Generic option to increase final damage by boosting ATK. Good low headgear for some auto-cast dependent builds in case you want to activate buffs/auto-cast skills faster, like Lucky Day, because of the auto-cast bolts on attacks. It also draws the wearer's potential abilities. Summon a Warg with a Wolf Flute. Heal 100% of HP and SP. Duration 3 minutes. If Warg finds an enemy, it will attack it, and has a chance to auto cast. – Fantastic combination of transparent ice and tea. Ranger's Base Level increases the damage. - On my enumerations below I have included a short description of the gears and cards as they are presented in the gears list. ), Tier 1:  Enhanced Archer Skeleton Card (Damage), Tier 3:  Abysmal Knight Card (MVP Damage), Tier 3:  Sniper Cecil Damon MVP Card (HP Leech), Tier 3:   Ranger Cecil Card (Crit, Damage), Tier 3:   Temporal AGI Boots [1] Delay After Attack 4 Speed of Light, Tier 3:   Temporal DEX Boots [1] EA4 Hawk Eye/Lucky Day, Tier 3:   Temporal LUK Boots [1] FS7 Hawk Eye/Lucky Day, Tier 3:   Temporal LUK Boots [1] EA4 Hawk Eye/Lucky Day, Tier 1:   OduimThanatos Card (Aspd>+4 refine to get bonus AGI Stat), Tier 2:   Firelock Soldier Card  (HP and SP Boost at +9 refine), Tier 2:   Zombie Slaughter Card (HP Leech-Good for Thanatos Castle Farming), Tier 3:   Faceworm Queen Card (Crit Damage), Tier 1:   Ring of Flame Lord [0] (Damage, Good with Combo), Tier 1:   Ring of Resonance [0] (Damage, Good with Combo), Tier 1:   Bison Horn [1] (Aspd, Good with Combo), Tier 1:   Horn of Bison [1] (Aspd, Good with Combo), Tier 2:   Whickebain’s Black Tail [0] (Crit), Tier 2:   Physical Enhancer Ring [1] (Damage), Tier 2:   Sound Amplifier [1] (Fast Casting), Tier 3:   Sarah Earrings [1] (Damage, EA/FATAL Enchants), Tier 3:   Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card (Damage), Tier 3:   Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card (Damage), Type B: Intermediate Auto-Warg Crit (MVP/PVE), Intermediate Level Gear Setup (Higher upgrade and enchants the better), Headgear Top: +6 Laser of Eagle [1] (Damage), Card:   Essence of Evil STR Level 3 (Damage), Armour:  +7 White Wing Suite [1] (Crit +3  EA1 Enchants) (Damage), Left/Right Hand:  +7 Gigantic Bow [1] (Damage), Garment:  +7 Fallen Angel Wing [1] (FATAL 1 FATAL 2 Enchants) (Damage), Footgear: +6 Temporal LUK Boots [1] EA4 Hawk Eye/Lucky Day, Accessory 1: Ring of Flame Lord [0] (Damage), Accessory 2: Bakonawa Agimat Tatto [0] (Damage), Type Z: End-Game Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build (MVP/PVE), Headgear Top: +16 Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood [1] (Damage), Card: MVP Lord Knight Seyren Card (Damage), Armour:  +16 White Wing Suite [1] (EA3 EA3 EA5 / Sharp 1 Sharp 2 EA5 Enchants) (Damage), Left/Right Hand:  +16 Crimson Bow [2] (Damage), Garment:  +16 Manteau of Fallen [1] (Damage), Footgear: +16 Temporal LUK Boots [1] EA4 Hawk Eye/Lucky Day, Accessory 1: Blue Luminous Stone [1] (Damage), Accessory 1: Sarah Earring [1] , (FATAL 3 FATAL 3 Enchants) (Damage), Accessory 2: Pendant of Maelstrom [1] (Damage), Donation Gears: Cash Shop (Click on the upper-right corner of your game screen), Gemstones: Special stone enchants for Costume Headgears (upper, middle, lower, or masks).