That was a plus for me. Getting married is a part of life, and every married couple is entitled to enjoy a sexual relationship. To be able to build a life from scratch is one of the most impressive benefits of early marriage. Find out now, Fascinating 50 parents quotes to express your love for your family, This is what you need to know about Amanda Fuller pregnancy, Divorce in the Bible: This is what the Holy Book says. Insecurity: This is Buhari’s final decision on calls for his resignation - Lai M... Mummy of two! Tips For Encouraging Effective Communication Between Parents & Children. This is their new experience. 6. early marriage is different from teenage marriage. Isn’t it awesome? The Advantages of Same Sex Marriage. Some people believe that love can come from any relationship, while others feel like destiny is going to bring them a soulmate one day. . A young husband and his young wife can enjoy many crazy moments together, travel together, earn new experience and don’t hurry to raise children at once. This means you have higher chances of becoming happy and enjoying your family life when you choose early marriage. You have to beg her to manage the amount you have because you don’t want to offend her – right? This in turns reduces the ability of households to meet their basic needs, and thereby contributes to poverty. Poverty: Most of the child marriage happens in rural or backward areas of the country. Younger parents are more attracted to each other than the older couples who soon become fizzle out. Thanks, and I hope they do. Tough things become easier when you reason together. There are some benefits of early marriage if it happens between two young people who are truly in love with one another. Let us discuss this interesting topic that worries the minds of young couples from all over the world, not just Nigeria. Every single word here is hitting me so hard, ahhhhh, In my own way early marriage is bad because you won’t be able to cater for some things and you thinking faculty is still premature so why don’t you just give a stop or break to that, Nice view though.. but maybe you need to consider the benefits of raising your kids in time too. Advantages of Marriage. Finally, it allows you to enjoy your hubby the more at all times. There are many factors which affect the stability of the union and one of them is considered to be the age of the pair. Most institutions—from governments to corporations—have policies … Article by pujitha reddy, August 27, 2014. Young people who marry for the first time in their life are free of 'baggage'. This is understandable if they will make it sound as simple as a guide and advice to you, not some sort of warning that scares you off anytime you think about it. • Child marriage can be considered a form of forced marriage because children are unable to give informed consent. In those cases, it is usually the woman who gets the benefit of free room and board costs. I think it is not good for someone to have an early marriage because they are too young and doesn't know how to manage theirselves. Marriage can provide a great deal of stability in a relationship, giving spouses certain legal and monetary advantages, as well as bringing them closer together emotionally. To me the only benefit is that your kids grow up on time..At 50 they may be out of the unversity and and you can enjoy your old age.. Not Allowing Some People To Marry Is Unconstitutional By allowing some people to marry, and not others, the government is discriminating against citizens. You want to travel and have fun with your partner, take some ice cream with the children during holidays and blend along with the trending activities. This is the time when you and your partner are assured of having a long successful relationship and are bound to look young for a long time. Some of the advantages of living in before marriage are: living-together Living together will lower the cost of food, rent and bills because two people are splitting the cost of living. 1) You might not get to achieve much in life (mostly a perception.) Now, this Is what I am talking about. Required fields are marked *. But I have proved to break your orientation, and lure you into accepting to get married early. They begin to judge the happy couple and forget how they felt when they were young and in love themselves. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. There has been little exami-nation of the practice as a child rights violation in itself. Like it or not, the best and most exciting moment to enjoy life is your youthful days; when you are still below 30. Young couples better understand each other in time of disputes. Former Miss World Agbani Darego welcomes her second child, BREAKING: 14 victims of Lekki shooting storm Lagos SARS panel, This very big yam harvested in Anambra generates reactions, 'okada' may not be able to carry it (see photos), Top 5 richest kids in Nigeria, their photos and how they made it, Jubilation in Camp Nou as Barcelona gives Messi 1 big gift which might make him sign a new deal, Da duminsa: Kotun daukaka kara ta jaddada hukuncin kisa a kan Maryam Sanda, Davido's Imade advises mum Sophia to calm down instead of yelling when stressed (video), Photo of N300k dress made with one yard of fabric gets Nigerians talking online. For some people, it becomes the most amazing event of their lives, and for others, it can turn into a major disappointment. Younger parents can face and handle more parenting and life challenges effectively. In most cases, early marriages are not good for both sides of the relationships. To set the record straight, the cost of caring for a girlfriend is far more expensive than maintaining a wife. When you marry early, you have plenty time to enjoy life again with your partner after you might have had the number of kids you both planned. Everything depends on the couple, their willingness to listen to each other, find a compromise and preserve their feelings throughout the years. If I must analyze this better for you to understand – I like to base this point on the financial aspect of your current relationship, where you have to pay for her hair to look better etc. Marriage is an accepted way for two people to show their commitment to each other. If she is yet to break you till now, then getting married to her (or someone else) should not affect anything else too, e.g – your academics. Early Marriage >>Child marriage and child betrothal customs occur in various times and places, whereby children are given in matrimony - before marriageable ageas defined by the commentator and often before puberty. However, if you wait for marriage, it might cost you the right person. Nevertheless, you might like to achieve other things before settling for marriage; like attaining more qualifications. And I hope this would motivate some boys to get married this year too. Many people have chosen to marry at an early age as they view it as advantageous. Plus, I believe people will have a new perspective when they learn about the benefits of early marriage. Many girls are getting married at their early stage to spend a happy and successful life. Marriage can provide a great deal of stability in a relationship, giving spouses certain legal and monetary advantages, as well as bringing them closer together emotionally. If you truly marry your friend (someone you are truly connected to in all areas (mentally, Spiritually, Physically and emotionally) you stand a win win win situation in early marriage because you guys must have understood yourselves while in courtship. Life is enhanced when experiences can be shared with another person who cares and shares your interests and concerns. You should know that the single’s life is quite different as there is always going to be an adjustment in the way of living after marriage. When the kids run around and bring up troubles, you can attend to them with no much stress involved compared to when you are faced with these troubles in old age. Not getting married until you are beyond thirty seems to be the new norm. READ ALSO: Early child marriage in Nigeria: causes and effect. People of early age can enjoy many advantages of early marriage. Consequences of early marriage. If being in a relationship does not kill your ambition of achieving your numerous plans, then there is no way marriage would. For some reasons, you also hid under the guise of not being too late or too old to get married because your friends are yet to take a lead. To build a career, provide for the family and look after the home, in general, has not always been an easy task. Younger parents are more attracted to each other than the older couples who soon become fizzle out. However, early marriage cans causes many problems occur if they cannot solve their problem properly. i am pursuing my second degree while my wife is about to graduate. This is a period of your life when you are still young and active and when almost all the pleasant and pleasurable things are done. But marriage isn't the best option for everyone, and has certain disadvantages for younger couples. To be able to build a life from scratch is one of the most impressive benefits of early marriage. Also, you like to give your kids the kind of childhood where you race together on a free morning, play football in the compound, and like to be involved in their activities in school from time to time. This is why  I like to share you some beneficial facts about early marriage below. We are not talking about early marriage when the man is old, and the girl is underage. 1. Besides their mentality just want to have fun and enjoying their teenage year and they felt like people will respect them more and look forward to them. Early marriage is whereby two partners come together and start a family at an early age of 20 or below. The main reason for this is poverty for sure. Is this idea really so bad or not? Lack of education. Advantages and disadvantages of marrying young Marriage is believed to be one of the most important commitments made in life. Child marriage also has a complex relationship to human trafficking. Advantage – First and foremost advantage is that love marriage is not forced upon two individuals. When you ask, ‘What are the advantages of early marriage?’ – we should say that two young people can get similar habits. Before starting a debate on early marriage you would need to define the parameters that label a marriage as 'early' and in what context. It becomes a puzzle on how to provide all these, so another man won’t take the woman you loved, right? PDF | Child marriage is still a massive problem in many developing countries. In the generation of today, we dramatically forgot the benefits of early marriage but chooses to imbibe the habit of staying a little longer before considering marriage, which seems to have overshadowed what we used to believe. If you find the right person suitable to spend a lifetime with, then maybe it’s time you walk her down the aisle. Research into early marriage has tended to concentrate only on specific aspects of its impact such as the effects on repro-ductive health and school drop-out. It makes a lot of sense when you have to wait till you’re well settled before getting married, but there are more reasons why early marriage is never a bad idea. 2. Your friends might be having a different reason for not wanting to get married at the moment and I don’t believe they are supposed to define your life, are they? Doesn’t Require Perfect Time Although marriage is a huge decision to make, it doesn’t require the perfect time. Parents who have girl child but don’t earn much to give them a better life often choose early marriage of their children. Yet, you still like to marry your beautiful girlfriend whose current hairstyle cost a fortune and has a side-bag worth as much as your monthly salary for two months. Early marriage can be a great path for both partners who have a unique chance to grow from youth into adulthood side by side. Marriage before the age of 18 is a reality for many young women. Advantages: (1) Arranged marriage is generally accepted in our society as it lends creditability and social recognition for a secured conjugal life. We’ll list the top 10 benefits of early marriage below. Waiting till you have everything might not be a good decision to make because there is no such thing as a man who has it all in life. I was looking for the best concept online that talks about the benefits of early marriage. 4. Early marriage can decrease the gaps between you and your children, I think. Then, you might just want to consider getting a wife – like right now. Thus, we cannot give you one answer whether an early marriage is good or bad for you. It gives you an assurance for the old age. It leads to serious changes in social roles and responsibilities, so marrying someone should be a mature and thought-out decision. 1. What do older people think about such a quick decision? Young couples in their early twenties understand the basis of social lives and how important it is to introduce that to their marriage as it kills boredom. This is much better when two sweethearts influence each other and share similar interests instead of one person trying to change the habits of the other one. Lack of Understanding While early marriage gives you enough time to make bonding right, it is helpful only when both of you have that sense of understanding. Looks like you got me. . Can ginger, turmeric and lemon juice reduce elevated levels of blood sugar. Thank you for the great add ups, Your email address will not be published. 3. 1. There is no guarantee that early marriage will make a couple happy and would last forever. Couples should get into the sanctity of marriage the moment they feel they are ready to do it. When the time to stop the running and hectic work comes; probably when you come of age and lose your strength, your children should ideally be grown enough to care for themselves. There is enough time for two second halves to enjoy each other before they decide to have children. If marriage would be a setback to achieving that, then having a girlfriend should too. You enjoy this for a long time if you marry early, and that includes the benefit of having strong and healthy babies too. This creates the feeling that the government classifies homosexual people as second rate citizens who do not have the same rights as heterosexual people. It helps you to have your babies while you are still in your youthful age and allows you to pursuit any business of your dreams while the children are now grown. You never wanted to get married not because it is not the right time, but because you like to believe when people tell you marriage is not an easy thing; it involves commitment, trust and love and definitely not something you like to jump into without taking much thought about. Marriage allows men and women to form a union and raise a family, as most adults desire to marry and have children.24 Better Health: Married people have better emotional and physical health than unmarried people. Then you will still be in your 20’s to meet a different person and marry again, still being young. It is their own choice and wish to get married to the specific person. But when they want you to get married when you are supposed to be thinking of giving your all to the children, is where I had to step in. But no matter how much I look, I realized most writers were focusing more on “taking your time” before you consider marriage. All these require energy and strength which you still have when you are young. Great addition, Early marriage, also referred to as child marriage, is defined as any marriage carried out below the age of 18 years, before the girl is physically, physiologically and psychologically ready to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage and childbearing. Younger parents can better understand each other in time of disputes. Today such customs are fairly widespread in parts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America: in former times it occurred also in Europe. Many marriages of today broke up due to the absence of social life. A couple who married at an early age and lives happily is like a needle in a haystack. The certainty to marry her is yet to be ascertained, so she has nothing to lose if she successfully milks you dry. Apparently, she has no responsibility and therefore must channel her income into something “womanly”. Early marriage gives you enlightenment like making your kids do sensible things like learning to play instruments or other handy works. Young people can develop together, grow together, explore each other’s character and discover personalities, etc. • Forced and early marriage is a form of culturally-justified violence against women as well as a violation of human rights that is endemic in many countries. The rest of your days are spent like you just met your wife as you still look young and fresh. At the same time, there is no guarantee that a mature marriage will not end with a divorce. 6. Acceptance. They have enough time to plan everything. Gone are the days when early marriage used to be a regular norm in the society, and where every family wants their children to marry early as they know the numerous benefits it entails. This, being a strong point while considering the numerous benefits of early marriage. 2) You will not get to enjoy life as a single. Long way to go. You don’t want to get old and still struggle to care for a 7-year-old kid, would you? Good to know we are on the same page. Old parents will just pamper them. They can live together, make a repair and changes in their apartment, buy their new car together, etc. In this article, however, early marriage is defined as getting marriage at the age between 18 and early twenties. Companionship. A lot of people do hide under the old fact of “I don’t have enough to maintain a marriage”. Early marriage is defined by many as getting marriage when one partner is 18 years and below, or both partners are 18 years and below. In many parts of the world parents encourage the marriage of their daughters while they are still children in hopes that the marriage will benefit them both financially and socially, while also relieving financial burdens on the family. This, being a strong point while considering the numerous benefits of early marriage. In the United States, teenage pregnancies abound meaning that girls indulge in sex as early as 13 years old but there is no marriage solemnized before the girl really grows up and is on her own, usually at the very least, 18 years of age. Trying to create understanding with unmatched thoughts might end up as a disaster. Early marriage also gives a chance for two people to test the real adult life while still being young.

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